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Here at The Bridal Corner we are overjoyed to be sharing some incredibly exciting news with you as we draw to a close on this year and begin to enter the next! A year, we hope, filled with us helping you find your perfect dress for your big day.

To begin with, we are delighted to announce that we are expanding our team and introduce to you, a new member to the Bridal Corner. We have gained the wonderful Kelly Houston to our team. Bringing to us her extensive managerial experience, warm nature and extensive knowledge to give you the best advice whilst searching for your perfect dress. She is certainly an appreciated and valued member of our team! Kelly is dedicated to creating an incredible experience for all of our brides to be, ensuring you the best experience, advice on dresses and styles. Kelly also knows that even though the dress may not be your size there is a lot of little tricks to be used, giving you a good idea of how they will look when they are in your size and fit properly.

It isn’t that Kelly isn’t enough for our team here at the Bridal Corner but an extra pair of hands in any part of wedding preparation is always appreciated! That’s why we are looking to expand our team even further! We are planning on employing a new addition to our team in the New Year to work for us on Saturdays. So keep your eyes’ peeled and expect to see a new friendly face working with us to help you in your search for your dress here at the Bridal Corner.

So with all these fresh and new faces joining us in the shop, what else could possibly be new and exciting? This next bit of news’ is something we are incredibly overjoyed and excited about to be sharing with you, huge changes are happening down at the Bridal Corner in the upcoming year. We are currently in the process of having an extension built onto our shop. Currently we only have the time and space for one Bridal party booked by appointment to be seen by us in at a time, however due to our new friendly faces and expansion, this allows us the ability to see up to three bridal parties at a time! Not only this, our new expansion will allow for walk-ins! No longer will we have to turn away excited busy brides who’ve had no time to book an appointment, you can just pop in whenever suits you and see us.

Our expansion is aimed to be completed for the summer of 2018 with our fresh faces fully in the swing of things here at the Bridal Corner, finding your perfect dress has never been easier. We can’t wait to meet your and help you prepare for your big day, it’s going to be a great year!

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